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Park Place of St. John

“After 73 years of cooking, now I get waited on.” - A Park Place of St. John Testimonial

Julie and her husband Tom liked to stay active, but they had begun to face some of the minor health issues that come with aging. After the family talked together, they realized that a move to Park Place would be the best option for their health and safety. But they didn’t realize what the move would do for their emotional health as well. “We made so many friends,” Julie says. “That was one of the best things about this move—friends everywhere!”…


Park Place of St. John

“You just have more freedom here.” - A Park Place of St. John Testimonial

As an independent person, Judy was ready to downsize her belongings and move to a maintenance-free community, giving her more time and energy to spend with the people she loved and doing the things she enjoyed. She’d actually put a deposit down at another independent living community, but her accountant urged her to take a look at Park Place—and she’s so glad she did.…


Park Place of St. John

“Park Place is a fabulous place!” - A Park Place of St. John Testimonial

“Moving here is one of the best things I ever did,” Ed says, “and I’ve been happy ever since.” And the best part about Park Place? Ed says it’s the staff. “From the food servers, all the way to the community manager,” he says, “anything you have any problems with, they will solve, or find a way to solve it, and they are very, very accommodating.” …


Park Place of St. John

"My Heart & My Calling"

Erin Kelley had plans to be an elementary school teacher, a dream she’d had since she was five years old. She found a part-time job as a receptionist at a nearby nursing home where her mom had worked for over 30 years. While this was just supposed to be an “in-between” job, Erin began to feel a connection to the work. “I was learning so much about working with older adults, and I finally realized this is where my heart and my calling were.”…

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Park Place of St. John

“I’m going home confident.” - A Park Place Health & Wellness Center Testimonial

“I want everybody who’s sick and needs this to come here,” Jackie McBee says passionately. It is Jackie’s last day of rehab, and she’s going home after just 18 days. This recovery is ahead of schedule, thanks to a combination of her hard work and the rehab experts at Park Place Health & Wellness Center of St. John.…


Park Place of St. John

“You gave me my mother back” - A Park Place Health & Wellness Center Testimonial

"Fantabulous, wonderful care.” says Dori Bissonnette about her mom Natalie’s experience at Park Place. “Everybody is so caring. Everybody is so compassionate. Everybody is so kind and so willing to work. The progress that my mother made was just amazing.”…